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Bi-fold DoorsI'm another title

We offer over 25 configurations of bi-fold doors, from even or odd number of panels, opening inwards or out and with an opener door. Some systems are floating and side completely to one side and fold away while others open in the middle and evenly slide to either side.  


Another consideration is the floor threshold with the standard being 50mm.  We also offer the contemporary low threshold to integrate a room fully with the outdoor area.  Low thresholds are perfect for wheelchair access and for busy families who are running and entertaining across the doorway space.


If a bespoke look is required the bi-fold doors can be powder coat painted.  In addition to colours suitable for a home, colours can provide a prominence to a commercial building or to a company colour scheme.  Even though bi-folds provide a modern look, with clever use of colours and finishes, they can complement traditional and existing buildings.


The hardware components are manufactured from a combination of 316 marine grade and 304 architectural grade stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.  Precision bearings are used in hangers to reduce rolling resistance and provide smooth operation.  


Inserted glass can also be tinted as an added feature.


We also offer custom made bi-fold door engineered insect screens. These are ultra slim-line screens which do not obscure views and neatly and quickly fold into a streaml-ine cavity.



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Our custom made louvers provide a modern appeal to a residential home or commercial buiding.  Strategically placed they are aesthetically pleasing and provide security, privacy and reduce sunlight and heat.  


As with our signature bi-fold doors our louvers are custom made with many optional features.


Bi-fold Doors
Our doors have many names but they all do the same job - transform a room from the ordinary to the exceptional! 

Connecting Spaces
Whether a new building or a home renovation, bi-fold doors create an open and flowing space, linking indoor and outdoor areas.  Bi-folds provide free movement and integration between indoors and outdoors, such as onto gardens, swimming pools, decks and balconies.  In commercial settings they are often used in showrooms, restaurants, bars, hotel and shops.  They are an attractive and popular alternative to french doors and sliding glass doors.  Whether using an 8 panel system to open up a large area or a 3 panel for a smaller setting, bi-folds let in light and connect spaces. 

Distinctively Elegant
Our bespoke aluminium bi-fold doors provide a sophisticated and modern appearance.  Having said that, bi-fold doors compliment traditional and existing buildings/surroundings of any period with the clever use of colours and finishes.  A bi-fold door system is a highlight of a room and transforms its function. 

Bi-fold doors are a beautiful addition to any new or pre-existing structure and are a lifetime investment to a property.  They add real cash value to a home or commercial premise.  Furthermore the unseen value to a client's lifestyle and quality by creating a relaxed and open atmosphere. 

Space shuttles and air-crafts use aluminium so it has to be tough!  Aluminium has tensile strength, corrosion resistance, light weight, design flexibility, non sparking, non magnetic and offers high resistance to vandalism and fire damage; making it an ultimate material.  Our bi-folds are engineered, hand crafted and assembled for optimum function and durability.  With minimum maintenance our doors are robust and built to perform. 

We combine the very latest in security features on all our bi-fold doors without compromising on usability and aesthetics.  We take the security of our products very seriously, in our factory we rigorously test for safety and use the Lockwood Pentagon system.

Energy Efficiency
The focus on building energy efficient homes and commercial buildings has resulted in increased use of aluminium and glass.  Aluminium is an energy efficient material and a reusable resource.  Our tinted laminate glass provides the added advantage of reduction in heat transfer and minimising UV rays and glare.  

Virtually Maintenance-Free 
Our bespoke doors are built to last and provide hassle free care.  We recommend that the aluminium profiles be wiped down with a cloth and basic spray, such as a glass cleaner, in order to remove dust, prints or other residue.  The glass can simply be wiped down and the tracking can be swept or vacuumed to remove debris.  We recommend an annual check and maintenance of the door by our team. The aluminium and PVC profiles need only to be wiped with soapy water when required, leaving you to enjoy the door.


Guarantee and Peace of Mind
We offer a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on all our bi-folds.  If installed by our team your warranty includes our labour for your peace of mind.  

Efficient and Expertise Installation
A bi-fold door is a high tech product where expert guidance and installation are essential.  Prior to delivery all our doors are fully and carefully assembled and their operations checked.  This eliminates problems on site and allows for a quick installation.  Our in-house installers are friendly, professional and have expertise knowledge and experience.

Supply Only Option
Bi-fold doors are highly technical and need to be correctly specified and accurately measured.  We prefer to fit the doors ourselves to avoid issues.  However if your fitter or builder is qualified and confident to do so, we are happy to sell on a supply only basis.  However no responsibility will be accepted on our behalf for installations done by others.

We manufacture, Supply and Install
Ion Aluminium manufactures and crafts bi-fold doors in-house so premium quality is assured. Our experienced team custom builds each door to the highest standards and proceed through numerous quality checks prior to dispatch.  Our reputation spans more than two decades of knowledge in crafting, supplying and installing the best quality products available.

We are Bi-fold Specialists
Owing to the movement and weight of bi-fold doors, product engineering excellence is critical.  Our many satisfied customers appreciate our specialist knowledge and trust our care and expertise advice.

Rigorously Tested 
All of our doors and their components are designed and engineered to withstand heavy use.  They are rigorously tested for performance and optimum function.  Accuracy of build has an impact on the bi-fold system and we ensure that the weight ratios are correct and the gearing operates effectively.  Our bi-folds are tested and approved by an independent NATA accredited laboratory. 

Speed of Measure and Quote
Inquires are attended to within the same day of receipt.  We prepare a measure and quote in a prompt manner.  We value every inquiry we receive and you can be assured of our best attention throughout the process.

Our friendly and industry experienced staff will guide you through every step of the way from conception to finished product and future care.  We respect every inquiry and offer a prompt, personal and honest service - with no pushy sales.

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With our HQ based in Brisbane we cover Australia wide, mostly servicing QLD, NSW, VIC and the NT. 

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